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[PoW|Hash] SquashPoW - ASIC Resistant, Assymetric Hash

Discussions in ProgPoW, Ethash and RandomX resulted in one agreement. Memory-intensity (mainly bus-intensity) can be used to achieve or increase the resistance against ASICs, to bring back mining to the average Joe and re-distribute mining.
Meanwhile, a new algorithm called rainforest started being used in new coins such as MicroBitcoin. While the developer of said algorithm seems to be confident that their algorithm is expensive for ASICs and FPGAs to implement, issues have been found in the code, which resulted in (closed-source) GPU miners running at 1000x the original speed and FPGA-Vendors listing this algorithm as one of the coins possible to mine.
Using the research done for the rainforest algorithm, a brand new hash called "Squash" has been created. It has similar properties to rainforest, meaning that it still utilizes "expensive" functions, but also speeds very close to blake2 (5.5 to 4 cycles per byte, depending on the architecture).
To also have shared properties with Ethash and ProgPoW, a variant called SquashPoW has been designed. It uses the same interior design. This supposedly results in expensive ASICs with low potential gain and more importantly - asymmetry. Asymmetry allows developers or "coins" to force a miner to run on a relatively large scratchpad while a verifier can run on significantly less resources and therefore still inherit the ability to properly validate incoming blocks. More on that in the ethash design rationale.
Now, whats new in SquashPoW?
In case you are now interested in testing out SquashPoW, I highly recommend checkout out the source code which can be seen at the official GitHub Repository.
Please note, SquashPoW is merely a variation of the concepts of Ethash. If you enjoy this hash, please show the original some love.
Please also note, that this is merely a post to spread awareness.
EDIT: A reference implementation can be found here
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